Cop who ‘snitched’ on Crime Chief caught on camera planting drugs during police operation

Suspended: Deputy Commissioner Alves

A police constable attached to the Criminal Investigation Department is presently under close arrest after he was reportedly caught planting cannabis at business premises where he and another police showed up to carry out an unauthorized search.

A senior police source who spoke with BIG Smith Crime Watch related that the policeman threw a plastic bag on the premises of the business place when when he and his colleague showed up at the location to carry out one of their many illegal searches which according to other police ranks, they have been doing for sometime now.

What is interesting is that the policeman who was seen planting the drugs at the scene, is among the small group of policemen who have reportedly shared information on alleged corrupt practices by the Crime Chief, Deputy Commissioner Lyndon Alves who has since been suspended from the force pending an internal investigation.

We were told that earlier this year, Deputy Commissioner Alves had caused the very rank whose name was given as Persaud, to be transferred from the Criminal Investigation Department after a number of persons reported that he was in the habit of planting evidence at their premises when conducting authorities or unauthorised police operations. He would then collect monies from the person to cause them not to be charged and placed before the courts.

At a meeting sometime ago while Alves was still on the job, he called out the very rank and his practices and ordered that he be removed from the Criminal Investigation Department, that was done.

After the Crime Chief was suspended from the force a few weeks ago, the police constable who is now accused of habitually planting evidence at scenes of police operations, had his transfer reverted and he was allowed to be placed back into the Criminal Investigation Department.

It is unclear whose decision it was to have the rank reverted to the Criminal Investigation Department despite the claims which were made against him by a number of residents along the Corentyne Coast. 

At the moment the police rank is presently under close arrest. This is not the first time that members of the force are accused of planting evidence at the scene of operations or on persons they wish to arrest and place before the court.

It is however the first time that the act was caught on camera, a clear case of total embarrassment for the Guyana Police Force and its efforts to regain the trust of the public, something it hopes to gain in an effort to increase intelligence and the fight against crime in Guyana.

The million dollar question now is if the Guyana Police Force will cause to be re-examined; the investigations which were lead by the very police constable which saw persons being placed before the courts for various offences.


Leroy Smith Editor
The BIG Smith Crime Watch is a social media platform where news, primarily of a crime and security nature are covered by our team.
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Leroy Smith Editor
The BIG Smith Crime Watch is a social media platform where news, primarily of a crime and security nature are covered by our team.
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