BREAKING NEWS: Police Commander loses home, vehicles in fire 


Woman Superintendent of Police and recently appointed Commander of the police ‘G’ Division, Essequibo Coast and Islands Crystal Annastacy Robinson, lost her home and three vehicles to a fire which started at 154 Back Street Stewartville, West Coast Demerara early Saturday morning.

‘Ms Robinson or ASP Robinson’ as she is mostly known as, was at the time attending the Guyana Police Force Pageant at the National Culture Center in Georgetown when she received news about the fire.

Robinson has worked years with the Guyana Police Force and and accumulated the assets which were all reduced to ashes Saturday morning. she is also approaching the homestretch of her policing career.

In a telephone interview with BIG Smith Crime Watch, the Divisional Commander said that she is hurt by the loss but reminded that they are just material things and that she is more happy that no lives were loss in the fire.

The home is shared by her, a granddaughter, two daughters and a family friend. At the time of the fire, the family friend was at home sleeping while all others were out.

“Some said it started in the garage because it had three vehicles in the garage, some said it started in the bedroom so I don’t know, I don’t know, it’s only the fire department could tell me what really happened when they are finished doing their jobs” Commander Robinson told this news establishment.

We were told that the fire department did have some challenges when they arrived to fight the blaze and this was compounded with porous hoses.

“My nephew said that when he call the fire tender they did came but could not go into action because no water was there and then the hose was so full of holes so i am not sure what really went on and we had to wait until they went and got the right hose and by the time they were read..because if i could have come all the way from Georgetown and when I leave town they still had not gone into actin, it is until I came here then they got a push start.” Commander Robinson explained.

Superintendent Robinson is known as one of the most hardworking female police officers of the Guyana Police Force with her strengths in prosecution, management and firearms and force control among other areas.

The Guyana Police Force has a number of living quarters for its officers. However the force has been on an aggressive drive to have many of those buildings renovated and or re-constructed altogether to ensure the comfort of officers and their families who are either required to work far from home or who may have difficult circumstances that would require the force to intervene.


Leroy Smith Editor
The BIG Smith Crime Watch is a social media platform where news, primarily of a crime and security nature are covered by our team.
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Leroy Smith Editor
The BIG Smith Crime Watch is a social media platform where news, primarily of a crime and security nature are covered by our team.
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